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What is APP Italian?
The Italian Advanced Placement Program was introduced in the 2005/2006 Academic Year and the first AP Exams in the Italian Language and Culture were administered on May 8, 2006.

This milestone event is the result of years of careful programming after the College Board’s decision to include Italian language and Culture in its register of Advanced Placement Programs (APP).

The number of participants in AP Programs, including Italian, and the scores achieved on the Exam mirror not only student interest and achievement but teacher preparation and quality of instruction as well.

  • THE AP ITALIAN EXAM (pdf format)

  • THE AP EXAM IN ITALIANO (pdf format)

  • Why take the APP exam?
    The AP Program in Italian Language and Culture is a University level course of instruction that students can take while still in high school.

    Successful completion of the program and AP Exam scores allow students to build college levels credits that are recognized by almost all U.S. universities and by numerous foreign universities—all while still in high school.

    How do I register for APP Italian?
    Normally, the AP exam is taken after completion of an AP Italian course in High School.

    If your High School does not currently offer an AP course in Italian Language and Culture, but there are a sufficient number of interested students, contact the Principal and the educator responsible for Italian to examine the possibility of instituting one.

    Students already proficient in the language and culture may register to take the AP exam even without having completed an APP course.

    Contact the AP Coordinator in a school where AP exams are administered for assistance in registering for the AP Exam in Italian.

    Visit the College Board website
    • statistics on how many students have taken the AP Exam and the 2006 test scores
    • a copy of the actual test administered in 2006
    • information for teachers interested in establishing an Italian AP Course in their schools
    • instructions on registering for the AP exam for students who have not attended the AP program.

    Further information may be obtained by calling or writing to the Education Office at the Italian Consulate for your jurisdiction. (A list will follow)
    Boston, Massachusetts 617-722 9409
    Chicago, Illinois 312-644-9867
    Detroit, Michigan 313-963 8560 ext. 10 or 14
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 215-592-7329
    Houston, Texas 713-850 7520
    Los Angeles, California 310-979-5273
    Miami, Florida 305-374-6322 int.204
    New York, New York 212-439-8661
    San Francisco, California 415-931-4924
    Washington DC 202-612-4491/4494

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