Ambassador Magazine - Vol. 20, No.4

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  • Chairman's Note

    With summer behind us, few days remain until NIAF’s 34th Annual Convention and Gala Weekend, planned for October 23-24, 2009….

    By Jerry Colangelo

  • In Italy for G-8, President lauds NIAF efforts in L’Aquila relief

    While speaking to members of the press during a meeting with Italian President Giorgio Napolitano in Rome prior to the G-8 Summit, U.S. president Barak Obama recognized the National Italian American Foundation’s support of reconstruction efforts in L’Aquila….

    By Beatrice Santacroce

  • Production Line

    From fruit to furniture, Italian products add style and innovation to any activity.

    By Beatrice Santacroce

  • Grants: Tasting Bitter Bread
    Documentary “Pane Amaro” explores the experiences of Italian immigrants

    NIAF grant recipient “Pane Amaro: The Italian American Journey from Despised Immigrants to Honored Citizens” has been called the first comprehensive depiction on film on the Italian American experience.

    By Monica Soladay

  • The Italian Job

    Proof that knowledge of the Italian language can help you get ahead.

    By Beatrice Santacroce

  • In the kitchen with Brian Boitano

    The legendary skater draws on his Italian heritage to whip up dishes for his new cooking show on The Food Network.

    By Patricia Beemer

  • Ciao Italia: Perugia, City of Chocolate

    It was worth the drive through demolition-derby traffic to get to Eurochocolate, that sensational, get-your-fix-of chocolate convention that takes place each October in the city of Perugia…

    By Mary Ann Esposito

  • It Happened in Italy

    Ambassador chats with author Elizabeth Bettina about her new book detailing the experiences of Holocaust survivors in Italy.

    By Michael Luongo

  • Ferramonti di Tarsia: Calabria’s Forgotten Internment Camp

    A Hofstra University professor rediscovers the region’s World War II history.

    Text and photos by Stanislao G. Pugliese

  • On Film: In “Tetro,” Coppola seeks the shadows

    Few narrative filmmakers have explored the dark side of la famiglia as completely as Francis Ford Coppola. That fact has not endeared the Detroit-born director to his fellow Italian Americans. “Tetro,” his latest feature, may heal the rift.

    By Maria Garcia

  • L’Aquila, The Eagle Is Wounded

    In June 2009, Boston photographer Rebecca Heyl traveled to L’Aquila, whose name means “The Eagle” in Italian, to photograph both the devastation wrought by Italy’s tragic Abruzzo earthquake earlier this year. Here, she shares some of those images with Ambassador.

    Photos and text by Rebecca Heyl

  • Crossword: Great Italian Americans

    By Leon J. Radomile

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