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Corsi di italiano per bambini (4-10 anni)


Authors Luca Cortis and Elisa Giuliani Pancheri of ALMA Edizioni have created a set of children’s books that takes a new and stimulating technique to learning Italian. Split into two levels, Raccontami uses a narrative approach that encourages imagination while allowing youngsters to approach learning Italian in a fun and exciting way.


The first level focuses on children from the ages of four to seven and level two reaches out to children between the ages of seven to 11. Through the revealing and repetition of fables, children are encouraged to speak and listen to Italian.


Each level of Raccontami contains a book for children with illustrated stories, a glossary with images, activities and games and a didatic unit. In addition, the books come with a set of photocopies for teachers, an audio CD with songs and a notebook with literature exercises. Topics covered in Raccontami include i numeri, la scuola, i giorni, la famiglia e gli animali.


For more information on Raccontami, please visit www.almaedizioni.it.