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Palazzo Margherita: Francis Ford Coppola’s Finest Hotel

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You may have known Francis Ford Coppola as the director of “The Godfather,” but he also has his hands in luxury hotels. Coppola and French interior designer Jacques Grange have recently transformed a 19th-century palazzo in the Coppola family’s Italian hometown into a grand luxurious hotel. Coppola and Grange fused Moorish and Tunisian influences with Italian aesthetics to create Palazzo Margherita’s restrained, yet exquisitely comfortable interior.


Palazzo Margherita is located in the lively working town of Bernalda in southern Italy. It is situated in the town’s central square and has an inner courtyard, walled garden and a swimming pool. Palazzo Margherita is the fifth and most luxurious hotel owned by Coppola. Each of the bedrooms reflect members of Coppola’s close-knit family, giving the grand hotel a comforting family home appeal.


For more information on Palazzo Margherita and other hotels by Coppola, visit: http://www.coppolaresorts.com/.