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Liguria: Not Just the Sea

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When one mentions Liguria, small picturesque towns and seaside views come to mind, but that’s not all this region has to offer. Liguria has a rich history that allows it to prosper economically.


Liguria features a number of micro, small and medium sized companies which specialize in high-tech and high-quality fields that include electrical engineering, mechanics, medicine, robotics, shipbuilding and floriculture. Most importantly, Liguria’s seaside location contributes to its fundamental role in the “Sea Motorways.” Genoa, La Spezia and Savona rank as the first positions as origin/destination/transit of containerized cargo to and from Suez and the Atlantic.  Because of these ports Liguria receives 27.9% of the maritime traffic.


In addition to its varied business sector, tourism contributes eight percent to its regional GDP composition. Fourteen million visitors come to Liguria each year to enjoy its spectacular beaches and beautiful mountains and valleys! Learn more about Liguria and everything the region has to offer- http://bit.ly/OUXSVW