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Michelango's David In Danger Of Collapsing?

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Michelangelo’s David could topple over?!  WHAT?!?  Underground architect Fernando De Simone has warned that work on a new high-speed train line in Italy could cause the statue to fall.  Tremors from tunnel excavation could wear on David’s ankles, which are riddled with microfissures. 


“If the statue is not moved before digging begins, it will collapse,” De Simone said.  “The risk of collapse or slippage in the marble of the statue’s lower joints will be very high if the resonance caused by excavation machinery for the high-speed train tunnel, as well as the vibrations of passing trains thereafter, are added to existing vibrations caused by groups of 60 visitors at a time…”


De Simone has been encouraging Tuscany and Florence to move the statue of David to an underground museum that should be built.  Read the entire article from ANSA. 


Do you think the statue of David will collapse?  Should they move the statue and take precautionary steps just in case?


Photo from ANSA