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A Guide to Italy's Coffee Culture

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For the lucky ones travelling to Italy in the coming months, we found a guide to Italy’s coffee culture. Italians take their coffee very seriously; it is an art. Here are a few directions if you don’t want to be taken for a tourist.


-Un caffè is a single espresso in Italian. Espresso is just a technical term, not an everyday one. Order carefully.


-Any milky form of coffee is only allowed in the morning, and never after a meal. If you must, apologize to the barman or waiter.


-There are very few choices with Italian coffee, so do not expect a Starbucks menu. There are, however, regional variations throughout Italy. For example, in Naples you may order un caffè alla nocciola – a frothy espresso with hazelnut cream. Additionally, you can impress the local in Milan by ordering a marocchino – an upside-down cappuccino, service in a small glass which is first sprinkled with cocoa powder, then hit with a blob of frothed milk, then spiked with a shot of espresso.


-Do not sit at the bar and sip your caffè. Italians often stand at the bar and down their caffè in one standing.


For more tips and tricks on the Italian coffee culture, check out http://bit.ly/NuIrb.