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Brooklyn Keeps Its Italian Flavor

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Even though Brooklyn, New York keeps changing, the Italian American neighborhood retains its Italian flavor.  Known since the1950s as Little Italy, Bensonhurst still has its Italian American eateries and shops between 70th and 80th streets on 18th Avenue.  And even though this area is known for its Italian taste, there’s still room on 18th Avenue for other international businesses including Chinese restaurants, a Mexican buffet and a Polish grocery store.


“We’re still here, doing what we’ve done for the past 20 years, but the neighborhood is changing,” said Frank Gassoso, owner of Frank and Sal’s Prime Meat Market near 80th St.  


Read more about Brooklyn’s Little Italy in the New York Post.


Have you been to Brooklyn’s Little Italy?  If not, which Little Italy have you been to across the U.S.?