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Art In The Age Of Google

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Last week, Google unveiled its Art Project with access to some of the art treasures and interiors of 17 museums in the U.S. and Europe

Author Roberta Smith in NYT article notes “…..virtual tours mesmerizing, world-expanding tool for self-education.  You can spend hours exploring it, examining paintings from far off and close up, poking around some of the world’s great museums all by your lonesome.“

Another aspect of the Google Art Project is its Street View program for indoor use. You can navigate through the salons at Versailles looking at ceiling murals with 360-degree navigation.

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In the comfort of your home or office one can now view art without any crowds or waiting on long lines with the Google Art Project. Looking at the world’s masterpieces - It’s nothing like standing before the real thing.  Agree?  Disagree?