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NIAF hosts visiting Italian students in New York

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This week 10 high school students from one of Italy's most prestigious academic institutions returned home from a visit to New York as part of a cultural exchange sponsored by NIAF and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

As part of the program, called "Italians in the World -- Leadership and Identity," these gifted teens from Convitto Nazionale Vittorio Emanuele II di Roma spent the week from March 16-22 attending morning classes at Scuola d'Italia Guglielmo Marconi -- a school founded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Italians living in New York City. They also toured New York, attended workshops about identity, met with the Italian Consul General and representatives of New York's Jewish community and attended a briefing at the U.N.

NIAF organized two workshops as part of the program: "Italianita' Today and Its Success," in which the students met New Yorkers of Italian American heritage, and an identity workshop that encouraged students to compare how they view themselves and their culture to the perceptions of Italian Americans and Italians living in New York.

What do you think some of the different perceptions are of American and Italian cultures? Any thoughts on how that affects Italian American identity?