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Made in Italy, Still Going Strong

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Although the Italian economy may be suffering, the brand name “Made in Italy,” still continues to strive around the world. After Coca-Cola and Visa it is the most well-known and valued trademark in the world. According to ISTAT (The Italian National Institute of Statistics), when the international economy slipped into recession in December 2011, the Italian exports increased 4.2 percent and the total of non-EU exports shot to 44 percent, with Italy mostly exporting to China. There is a great demand for Italian products in China, especially luxury goods such as Ferragamo, Luxottica and Armani.

Wine is Italy’s most important agricultural export, with the United States as its primary customer. Although, in the past few years, China has increased its wine imports by over 80 percent. Recently, there has also been a boom in Moscato sales in the United States and Barolo in Northern Europe and Asia. Italian vineyards have been concentrating on quality rather than blending wines and as a result exports have almost doubled! Hopefully sales will continue to increase around the world, not just for wine, but all Italian products!