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Valentino Coming to Broadway

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A new smash hit may be gracing Broadway—the story of Valentino’s life.  With the success of “Valentino – The Last Emperor,” production may soon start for a musical.  Four decades of couture will be displayed across the stage with costumes and sets.


“We’re looking at the possibility of taking my story to Broadway as a musical,” Valentino told La Repubblica.


But in 2008 when his movie premiered at the Venice Film Festival, Valentino was nervous about how the film would portray his tantrums with his partner Giancarlo Giammetti.


“I came across as a despot.  The director had surprised Giammetti and me when we were arguing, which we always do in French.  But then (at the end of the screening) the applause never stopped and I realize that people liked me as I am.  The film was even more successful in Toronto (film festival),” he told the newspaper.


We will keep you posted on the upcoming production.

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