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Ghostbusters In Naples, Italy

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Do you believe in ghosts?  Whether you do or not, ghosts are said to be causing a ruckus at the National Archaeological Museum in Naples, Italy.  With restoration being conducted, mysterious things have been happening.  Oreste Albarano, a Rome-based architect, didn’t believe it was true…until one day when he was transferring photos from his phone onto his computer.  Albarano noticed a figure in one of the pictures—a white figure that resembled a young girl.


At first he thought it was one of the workers daughters until he quickly realized none of the workers brought their children into the building site work areas.  To help ease his mind, he has named the little girl Caterina, and says she is about eight or nine years old with 1920s-style ringlets.


Albarano has recently announced that a team of ghostbusters will be arriving in early September to bring “instruments to measure magnetic fields.” 


In addition to the young girl, tools have been moved and two Pompeian vases were smashed into pieces.  Do you think the museum is haunted?  Read the full article from Corriere della Sera.