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Rare Cherry Phenomenon

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A rare phenomenon is occurring in Italy—cherries are maturing at the same time all along the peninsula.  Observers believe this is happening because of the climate change.  Usually Italy has a two month cherry season, but with the maturation process already happening, the harvest is expected to only last a month.  With temperatures being consistent, sometimes even warmer than the south, the quality of this year’s prices is not only good, but so are the prices. 


Earlier this month, cherries in Italy were mostly from Spain and were 15 to 20 euros a kilo.  Luckily with this harvest in Italy, prices have already plunged below last year’s highs.  Italians better enjoy the low prices, though, because once this harvest is over, costs will increase because the only domestic fruit available will be from the cooler areas in the mountain regions.


To read more about the harvest, check out ANSA's article.