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Gelato University

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Who doesn’t love gelato?  For those of you who can’t get enough of it, have you ever thought of enrolling into a university dedicated to gelato?  Scholarships are being offered to foreigners who enroll in Carpigiani Gelato University’s Gelato Pioneers, a course that teaches aspiring chefs how to make gelato in addition to honing one’s business skills. 


The ten most talented students will be reimbursed at the end of the four-week course.  Founded in 2003, the university is a training division of the Carpigiani Group.


“In 2012 we will launch Gelato Pioneers for foreigners to bring the artisanal gelato culture abroad and develop a start-up model at a time when the recession has show you have to invest in yourself and your values,” said Andrea Cocchi, Carpigiani Group managing director.


Do you think you’d be one of the lucky students to be reimbursed for their hard work?  Read the full article from ANSA here.