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Social Networks To Investigate Tax Evasion In Italy

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If you live in Italy and aren't taking care of your taxes, you better get on top of it!  Starting this week, agency deputy director Marco Di Capua stated Italy's state tax agency will use Facebook and other social networks to investigate tax evasion.  Also, creating a presence on social networks will play a part in a campaign to modernize how taxes are collected.

"Beyond the Big Brother myth, attention will be paid to income consumed.  And every instrument that can lead to information will be used, whether it is called Facebook or whether it is a registration or membership to an exclusive club," explained Di Capua.  "The aim is to focus attention on how the subject spends, not for the fact that he spends but to see if he has declared (his income)."

 Read more from ANSA.  Do you think this is a good idea for Italy's state tax agency?