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New Law Banning Loud Machinery In Capri?

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Would you say this is ludicrous or for the tourist bureau’s profit?   The famed Italian island of Capri, has banned its residents from using loud machines this summer.  Beginning April 1 through October 31, locals are prohibited to use lawnmowers, cement mixers, mini-tractors and leaf blowers.  If caught breaking the law, residents could be fined 500 Euros. 

The problem is that while Capri is making these changes for tourists, the local residents say the economy of the island will be harmed if construction and maintenance work is put to a halt.

“Our business activities are at risk of being paralyzed,” said a local resident.

“Given the protests from numerous hotels about noise created by building work, it is considered vital to ensure peace and quiet for our visitors,” said Marica Avellino, head of Capri’s municipal police.

Read what else has been banned.  

What do you think of this new law?